This simulator is simulating an ATMEGA1280 mcu.
Please note that the simulation will run much slower than the real hardware depending on your browser and your machine.
Elf file loading is not implemented, but you can use avr-objcopy to convert an elf file to the hex format.

avr-objcopy -j .text -j .data -O ihex main.elf main.hex

Currently EEPROM data preloading is not supported, but you can use the EEPROM in the simulation.

Simulation speed
This slider can be used to control the simulation speed on the cost of higher CPU utilization.

Graphic LCD
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1.1 - 8.5.2016
GLCD support - Read bug fixed (thanks chtis!)

Beta 1.1 - 3.5.2016
GLCD support - Read instruction most likely buggy! Very buggy!

1.0 - 3.5.2016
Web worker support - This should make the interface more responsive while the simulator is executing.
Simulation speed - Simulation speed slider added.
General improvements - Rewrite of backend code and general speed improvements of simulation.